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The Tern Project | Morecambe


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The Tern Project | Morecambe

Celebrating the birdlife of Morecambe Bay, various award-winning sculptures have been added to the re-developed seafront throughout Morecambe. Morecambe’s seafront is over 5 miles (8 km) in length and during the last two decades the original sea walls and promenades have been battered and breached by severe storms.


The landward side, composed of hotels, guest houses, private dwellings, shops and seaside entertainment, was badly hit by the floods and calls were made for new defences to be constructed.  Lancaster City Council realised that here was a glorious opportunity not only to protect the resort, but also to improve and enhance the environment by linking an original and exciting programme of public art to this huge civil engineering programme.


In 1990 Morecambe was given substantial government funding for coastal protection and derelict land clearance, and a search began for a theme around which the new Morecambe could evolve a new identity. What could be more appropriate than the bird life of Morecambe Bay? - thus the Tern Project was born.