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Judges Lodgings | Lancaster

Church Street

01524 32808

Judges Lodgings | Lancaster

Built in the centre of Lancaster against the backdrop of Lancaster Castle and Lancaster Priory this elegant, Grade I listed building is Lancaster's oldest town house. The house was originally home to Thomas Covell, Keeper of Lancaster Castle and notorious witch hunter. Between 1776 and 1975 the house became an impressive residence for judges visiting the Assize Court at nearby Lancaster Castle.


The interior of the Judges’ Lodgings is even more compelling than the outside. Around every corner is a new discovery about the development of the building.  From wattle and daub walls to tiny ancient windows that once looked onto the outside world but are now in the middle of the house, there are many more fascinating features waiting to be discovered.


The Regency period rooms display a wealth of Gillow furniture.  As you walk through the rooms it is easy to imagine what life was like in the house when the Assize Judges came to stay.  From the grandeur of the drawing room to the warmth of the kitchen visitors are given a glimpse of what life was like for the servants and judges who stayed at the Judges’ Lodgings.