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Lancaster Castle | Lancaster

Castle Parade

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Lancaster Castle | Lancaster

Steeped in almost 1000 years of history, the Castle is built on a commanding hill top location, which dominates the City of Lancaster.  The castle buildings have undergone extensive alterations during its history, with parts being demolished to allow for conversion into a court and prison in the late 18th century.  The castle buildings are Grade I listed with some being awarded Scheduled Ancient Monument status.


The history of the castle is tied up with stories of royalty, power, criminals, dungeons, death, treason, transportation and witchcraft.  The rich history of the castle as well as the architecture and magnificent interiors make it a must see tourist destination for anyone visiting the county.


The interiors of the castle demonstrate a stark contrast between the harsh dungeon conditions and the highly decorative interiors of the Crown Court and Shire Hall.  From the Lancashire witches to the power loom rioters to the Birmingham Six, Lancaster castle has been connected to many people throughout its history.  Discover stories of some of its most famous “inhabitants” and the cases, which were tried at the court.