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Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre

Crows Nest Road
Near Giggleswick
North Yorkshire

01729 825160

Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre

The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre was created in 1991, since which time it has offered the public a close up experience of many magnificent birds of prey and allowed them to see them flying free in the lovely Yorkshire Dales.


The Centre is now part of an international breeding and conservation programme that hopes one day to restore all species to their native habitats and protect them from the environmental destruction that they have suffered in the past.


The compact layout of the centre’s buildings maximises the open spaces that we need to fly and train our birds. The exercise, regular food and good diet that they enjoy means that they live longer than their wild cousins, but we will try to help them re-colonise their traditional habitats so they will not always have to rely on sanctuaries for the survival of their species.


At The Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre we will show you examples of how birds of prey have evolved to exploit every niche, every opportunity and every skill needed to help them survive.


When you see our different birds in flight you will appreciate how they have become superb masters of their own particular methods of hunting.