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Richard 111 Museum | York

Monk Bar
North Yorkshire

01904 634191

Richard 111 Museum | York

Possibly one of York's best kept secrets is this fascinating Museum situated in York's tallest and most impressive Medieval Gatehouse - Monk Bar. Built in the 14th Century as part of York's famous City Walls it was originally a guard house and has been both a prison and a police house, lived in until 1914. The bar boasts a rare example of a working portcullis, last lowered in 1953. Largely original, the ancient mechanism still works and can be operated by visitors.


There are three rooms in all, the uppermost is said to have been added by King Richard himself in 1484, allegedly supervising its construction and paying for it out of his own money.


In 1992 it was decided to convert Monk Bar into the Richard III Museum, in honour of the King many felt had been unjustly maligned by historians. As well as the exhibition where Richard is put on trial there is an extensive gift shop, offering books, prints and general souvenirs. Many of these are exclusive to the museum.