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Yorkshire Museum of Farming | York

YO19 5UF

01904 489966

Yorkshire Museum of Farming | York

Located on the outskirts of York, the Yorkshire Museum of Farming is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the diverse agricultural history of the region from the first farming practices up to the mid-twentieth century and beyond. The museum holds an impressive regional agricultural collection.


For thousands of years, agriculture has been the backbone of civilisation, providing us with materials for clothes, warmth and shelter, and of course food to survive. The museum charts the story of the farm and rural life over the centuries in a number of ways. Explore how different crops and breeds of livestock were introduced, learn about how our Victorian ancestors cooked and cleaned on the farm, and see for yourself how technology changed farming by comparing exhibits such as the medieval ‘Caschrom’ or hand plough with an early 1960s tractor and multi-furrow plough able to cover 5 acres per day.


Farming has not only provided people with the necessary staples to live but has generated a wealth of social customs, traditions, and folklore which have enriched rural communities. Examples of these include making corn dollies to celebrate the harvest, ploughing matches, and agricultural shows with displays, demonstrations, contests and above a chance for a rural community to gather and celebrate their work. Many of our seasonal events demonstrate and celebrate these customs.